Skin Care Gifts For Fathers Over 50

Skin Care Gifts For Fathers Over 50

He has more power drills than he has outlets in the house for, he has technological gadgets that he’s still trying to figure out how to use, and he has more ties than the CIA, so what do you get him for Father’s Day this year? You got your mom skincare products, but what about your Dad? He’s liberated enough to use skincare products, and he has been looking a bit stressed lately. They say you should always get people gifts that you yourself would want, and this certainly fits the bill. If you feel yourself leaning toward some less predictable choices for Dad this year, here’s your guide to skin care gifts for dads over 50.

Bar Soap or Liquid Cleanser
When it comes to picking between bar soaps and cleanser, it seems that bars are the more popular manly choice. However, bar soap can dry skin out. According to Dee Anna Glaser, MD, “If your skin feels tight or a little itchy after you wash your face, try switching to a liquid cleanser.”

However, if Dad is too stubborn to try a liquid, try and get him a moisturizing bar soap with emollients like glycerin, olive oil, vitamin E oil, or jojoba oil.

Manly Moisturizers
Many soaps already have moisturizer in them, and that may be enough for some, but the best way to guarantee hydrated skin is by applying a moisturizer after cleansing. If your Dad has dry skin, go for a cream, which has the thickest texture. Lotions, which are lighter and less oily are better suited to normal skin, while oily skin will benefit the most from a gel or skin toner.

Sun Protection
With the summer coming, you need to make sure Dad is getting enough sun protection. While many facial moisturizers promise to keep skin looking young, not all of them do. Glaser warns,”A lot of products these days tout the fact that they contain antioxidants. Theoretically, they should help. Sunlight and pollution cause oxidative damage to the skin. But so far, we don’t have any scientific evidence one way or the other that says antioxidants at the level contained in skin products really help.”

While prescription strength products containing retinol will do a good job of smoothing out wrinkles even reversing cellular signs of aging, over the counter products may not contain enough retinol to do much good. Glaser advises, “You’ll get far more protection over time by making sure you use a face moisturizer with sunscreen in it every day.”

Shaving Balm
If Dad is getting nicks, cuts, and razor burn, you may want to turn him on to some shaving cream with aloe, which can soften up the hairs before shaving. Pre-shaving oil can also help.

If razor bumps, caused by ingrown hairs, are a problem, try getting him a shaving cream with glycolic or salicylic acid to unplug pores. Hypoallergenic products without fragrance are best for saving him from further skin irritation.

When it comes to razors, Electric ones are less likely to cause irritation, but if Dad likes a blade, choose a single or double bladed razor, rather than multi-blade brands promising a close shave. Glaser says, “If you have trouble with razor burn and razor bumps, you don’t want a very close shave. It’s better to leave a little growth in order to avoid ingrown hairs.”

You may want to throw some astringent in your gift set. Many aftershave toners and lotions contain astringents that tighten pores and create a firm skin barrier. Witch hazel can be used for taking the puffiness out of the eyes after a rough night or long flight. Avoid astringents that contain alcohol, which can make skin dry.

Hair Conditioning Products
If Dad sports facial hair, he might like a fine tooth comb to straighten mustache hair before trimming or mustache wax to keep his ‘stache neat. Waxes clump hairs together and make them more manageable. Hair condition and styling gel can be used in small amounts on a beard.

Did you give your Dad the gift of skin care this year? If so, how did it go over? Let us know! We love to hear it!

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