Starting A Warm Weather Skincare Routine

Starting A Warm Weather Skincare Routine

Oh, how time flies. It seems like just yesterday you were watching Corinne take her shirt off on “The Bachelor” when all of a sudden, you find out “Dancing With The Stars” is about to reveal its contestants for the next season. And a good thing too. The spray tans on the dancers are just what you needed to remind you that it’s time to start your warm weather skin routine.

We wouldn’t think of heralding in the warm weather without swapping our sweaters for tees and tanks, yet many of us go from one season to the next without making any transition in their skin care routine. Longer days and warmer temps mean a big change for your skin, and a change for your skin should mean a change for your skin routine. Here are some tips for skincare in the warmer weather.

While washing your face may be very refreshing on hot days, cleansing right after coming in form the heat may harm your skin. Your better off rinsing with cold water to cool off from the heat and then cleansing. Sweat and oil gathers on the skin from exposure to outdoor elements, while indoor conditions make skin prone to dryness. Therefore, you should use a cleanser with a balance of sebum and water. Also, because skin may be more prone to acne in the warmer weather, a gentle foaming cleanser is recommended over a harsh formula.

Exfoliating in the hot weather is extremely important because of increased sweat and pore blockage. However, peeling gels and scrubs can weaken skin. Look for a salic formula that you can apply before bed and will make your skin texture even and soft the next day for makeup application.

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Light Lotion and Mist
Hot weather can cause dehydration in the skin as all as the body, leading to an all-over lack of moisture. After using a blotting paper to remove oil from your skin, lightly mist your face with a mister containing aloe to provide cooling and freshening. You may also want to up your water intake in general to keep you and your skin hydrated.
For yes results, apply mist with a cotton pad as a toner and follow up with a lotion and sunscreen.

UV Protection
The inclusion of UV protection cannot be underestimated in any skin routine, and summer is certainly no exception! Check your sunscreen to make sure it has an SPF of at least 30 and that it provides protection from both UVB and UVA rays. Also, be sure to apply it to your skin every two hours and/or after swimming or perspiring heavily.

Cool Sheet Mask
One of the best ways to cool down your skin after exposure to heat and UV radiation is a cool face mask. Stash your favorite mask in the fridge and have it ready for use every other day to calm redness and heat.

What’s your lineup for the warm weather cast of skincare products? Let us know what you’re using!

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