That’s An Odd Place For A Wrinkle

That’s An Odd Place For A Wrinkle

Let’s face it. Boobs get attention. They can be very distracting, and very powerful, and even useful. Some wear them proudly on display, others are more subtle with their rival. Fashion designers seem to be in favor of giving the décolletage the attention it deserves. Small and shapely, on the large size, or even surgically enhanced, breasts barely hidden by plunging necklines and strategically placed fabric have long been staples of the clothing industry. Celebrities are another group who seems to believe in the power of the cleavage. Charlize Theron, Rihanna, and at least three of the Kardashians have never been shy about displaying their breasts, showing side boob, front boob and even all boob sometimes. If you are among the proud, then the breasts are a very important component of your appearance and need to be maintained accordingly.

Cleavage wrinkles are caused by sleeping on your side. The breast is drawn down by gravity causing it to bend past the middle line of the body, forming deep creases. Other causes include sports and push up bras, which cram the breasts together. As the body ages and collagen begin to break down, the wrinkles take a little longer to go away. As you may have guessed, the bigger the boobs, the greater the gravity.

Support Pillows
Despite what the small-minded may think, large breasts and brains can coexist. Cathinka Chandler invented the Kush Support, a plastic cylinder designed to be placed between the breasts at night to support them and keep them from developing wrinkles. Designed for comfort, it has received positive feedback with one of the users, reporting that she and her boyfriend saw an improvement within a few weeks.

The Intimia Pillow is similar in that it is placed between the breasts at night, only it has a bone like shape and has back straps to keep it in place.

Rachel de Boer, a former flight attendant fro the Netherlands invented La Decollette. It resembles a sports bra worn backwards and features a piece of fabric in the front to separate the breasts. Sheena Seagraves from Los Angeles created the Chest Savers bra, a similar invention for the Boer’s except that the cleavage panel is made of fleece covered in lace and features a removable insert so it will not absorb moisture or moisturizer.

Silicone Pads
The brainchild of Emmy winning makeup artist, Camille della Santina, Decollette pads are patches of silicone that are placed on the chest at night. When Santina realized that the prosthetics that contained silicone smoothed out wrinkles on her actors, she was motivated to create these patches.

Beverly Hills plastic surgeon, Danya Hoenig recommends another approach to cleavage wrinkles. She credits a syringe of Juvederm as working wonders for one patient. Juvederm is a product containing hyaluronic acid that is used as a filler for facial wrinkles. It costs between $550 and $700 per injection and lasts from 5 months to a year.

So, what is the verdict on these devices? Well Ms. de Boer says, “I’m 50 and I still have a wrinkle free cleavage.” Others say that they feel more confident about their appearance and are freer with wardrobe choices. If you’ve got them and you want to flaunt them, and want to keep them in prime condition, we salute you. Good luck!

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