The Vine Vera Pinot Nior Wine Guide – Vine Vera Reviews

The Vine Vera Pinot Nior Wine Guide – Vine Vera Reviews

Pinot Noir is certainly famous as one of the most romantic red wines in the world because no other grape can bring about the same level of devotion among its fans. There are entire festivals that are celebrated to honor the Pinot Noir grape and it even has its very own movie which portrays the kind of passion that Pinot Noir brings about in people. Its impact has been such that Pinot Noir has managed to improve the profile of the grape as well as cause it a lot of harm all by its own. One of the main reasons why people revere the Pinot Noir grape is because it is very difficult to grow. As a result, a bottle of Pinot Noir is very hard to find. This Pinot Noir Wine Guide from Vine Vera helps you learn more about the Pinot Noir grape as well as the wine itself. If you’re looking to learn how to pair this wine, this Vine Vera Guide is the ideal place to start off.

The Pinot Noir Wine Regions and Tastes

The Pinot Noir is extremely fickle in its taste and it has all sorts of flavors, depending on the area where it’s grown and the vintage. This section of the Vine Vera Pinot Noir Guide helps you distinguish between the tastes of the Pinot Noir wine based on the area where it’s grown.

  1. France – The Pinot Noir grown in Burgundy is famous for being light and herbaceous. It offers an earthy aroma and the smell is very similar to wet leaves.
  2. Germany – The German Pinot Noir is produced in the Ahr region. The wine produced here usually has an earthy and sweet cherry or raspberry aroma to it.
  3. Italy – The Italian Pinot Noir usually grows in the cooler climates of northern Italy. Its flavors are quite similar to the French ones, but the Italian Pinot Noir usually leans to towards smoky, tobacco, clove and white pepper flavors instead of earthy flavors. It also tends to have a higher proportion of alcohol in it.
  4. United States – The Pinot Noir grown in California is extremely intense, more fruit-forward and lush. It offers flavors that range from black raspberry to sweet black cherry and it also offers secondary aromas of caramel, clove, vanilla and coca-cola. On the other hand, the Pinot Noir grown in Oregon is lighter in texture and usually has more tart. You can expect bing cherry and cranberry fruit flavors in the Oregon Pinot Noir.
  5. New Zealand – The Pinot Noir of New Zealand is very similar to the Californian one in terms of style. What makes this particular version unique is its meaty aroma and stronger spice.
  6. Australia – Pinot Noir usually doesn’t grow very well in Australia. The only ones are found in a few locations in Western Australia and they offer a sweeter fruit note with a gamey aroma.

The Perfect Pinot Noir Food Pairing

This section of the Vine Vera Pinot Noir Guide helps you to learn more about what kinds of food to pair with the Pinot Noir wine. The Pinot Noir is usually a catch-all food kind of wine. It is light enough to allow you to choose salmon, as well as complex enough to make you enjoy richer meats. This is an ideal option to choose in a restaurant where everyone orders their own entrees.

The Pinot Noir Wine and Cheese Pairing

The best cheese to pair with Pinot Noir is the Comte cheese, because like the wine, the cheese goes with everything.

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