The Vine Vera Shiraz Wine Guide

The Vine Vera Shiraz Wine Guide

The Shiraz wine, also known as Syrah wine, is very easy to grow. It ranges from fresh and easy-drinking to full-bodied and intense styles. The traditional flavors of a Shiraz wine include dark berry, pepper, tar, violet and spice. Shiraz is planted all around the world, but it usually flourishes when planted in regions like Australia, Washington (USA) and the Rhone Valley (France).

The most popular form of the wine is actually produced in Australia (Barossa Valley). The grape used in its production is known as the Shiraz. This wine was first planted around the 19th century and it is known to be one of the most widely planted and most popular wines in Australia today. You can find moderately priced wines as well as exotic varieties of the wine. The moderate ones like Victoria’s Crest, Gumdale and Rosemount are best sellers in the US. They offer a hearty, ripe, soft and fruity flavor. On the other hand, collector’s items like the Rufus Stone or the Pensfolds Grange are extremely thick, concentrated and intense.

The Taste

Shiraz is responsible for offering the world with some of the most full-bodied red wines in the world. It offers dark fruity flavors that range from savory black olive to blueberry. The moment you taste the wine, you can taste a punch of flavor that slowly tapers off and leaves behind a spicy peppery aftertaste. Because of its unique style, the Shiraz grape is also blended with grapes like the Cabernet Sauvignon to help make the wine feel more complete.

Old World Shiraz Vs New World Shiraz

Old World Shiraz wines from France and Italy are usually known to be more acidic and they have herbaceous aromas. On the other hand, New World Shiraz wines from places like South America, the US and Australia are more fruit driven and leave behind a spicy aftereffect.

Ideal Food Pairings

Because of its full-bodied taste, the Shiraz wine is an ideal match for bold food items. You can easily pair this wine with things like barbecues and cheeseburgers and enjoy the perfect meal. Vine Vera examines some of the best Shiraz food pairings.

  • Spicing up the food with a special blend of herbs known as the Herbes de Provence is an ideal way to enjoy an Old World Shiraz.
  • Soft cheeses always work better because of their earthy flavors and fat texture. Look at cheeses like Abbaye de Belloc.
  • If you’re looking to pair a Shiraz with your barbeque, try to use the Australian Shiraz. Its peppery aftertaste works wonders with your peppery barbeque. It also helps to spice up the meat with clove and anise.

Fascinating Facts About the Shiraz Wine

  • One of the most expensive Shiraz wines can be found from a place known as the Hermitage. The best Shiraz wines are often attributed to a hill which is located close to a village called Tain-l’Hermitage. These wines are famous for their smoky and floral aromas.
  • The word Shiraz (Syrah) comes from the word “Syracruse”, an Italian city.
  • The Shiraz grape is famous for having extremely obscure parents – Mondeuse Blanche and Dureza.
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