Tips for Removing Dead Skin Cells

Tips for Removing Dead Skin Cells

Who doesn’t want healthy, younger looking skin? Keeping skin glowing and vibrant will result in a more youthful appearance and removing dead skin cells is a key step working towards that goal. Read on for tips on how to remove dead skin cells from your face and body.

Of course, exfoliation is key in removing dead skin cells. “Exfoliation will help to clear out the stubborn layers of dead skin as well as boosting the blood circulation, giving you younger looking and renewed skin,” says beauty writer at, Van Tran.  Tran recommends scrubbing the face, hands, elbows and knees at least once weekly. People with sensitive skin, or those wary of chemical laden products, may prefer homemade scrubs to those available in drug stores. There are many natural scrubs that can be made from materials handy in your own kitchen, including oatmeal, sea salt, baking soda, and coffee.

But besides using exfoliation to get rid of dead skin cells, there are also many ways you can prevent them from forming. One way is to change your shaving habits. Bad shaving habits can result in dry, peeling skin. To prevent this, you may want to shave in ways in which you will encounter minimal resistance. Shave with the grain of your hair, not against it. Use a shaving gel and moisturizer rather than products containing alcohol. Avoid using hot water when shaving (and whenever possible) as hot water is drying on the skin.

You should also be careful of the soap you are using. warns that some soaps and cleaning products use chemicals that lead to dryness and skin irritation. Read labels carefully to make sure your soaps have mild and moisturizing ingredients and avoid ones with alcohol that can dry out and irritate skin.

Your lips are also a target for dead skin cells. The skin on the lips is vulnerable to being dry, especially for those who wear lipstick during the day. To improve the moisture on your lips, use a chap stick, lip balm or Vaseline every few hours to make sure your lips are moisturized and protected.

It’s also important to cover up in cold weather. Winter comes with cold, dry air outside and hot dry air inside, a dangerous combination for your skin. Covering up with long johns, long sleeves, and gloves will save skin from being exposed to the dry, biting air, and protect it from the dehydrating effects the cold air may cause.

Also, although harsh abrasives like pumice stones and thick brushes might seem to be a good solution for removing built up dead skin cells, avoid overuse of these products. The abrasiveness may make your skin raw and red and vulnerable to long-term irritation and dryness. If you are noticing redness or pain after exfoliating skin, it may be best to lay off the routine for a couple of days, then switch to a milder abrasive. A gentle washcloth is recommended.

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