Tips For Youthful Looking Skin

Tips For Youthful Looking Skin

Have you ever read the story of Dorian Gray? Dorian Gray is an old book by Oscar Wilde that tells the story of a really snobby guy who is obsessed with maintaining his looks. Sound like a former boyfriend of yours? Anyway, Dorian Gray pays some guy to paint this spooky picture of him and every time Dorian does something bad or cruel, which he often does, the picture ages and Dorian Gray stays, unfairly, gorgeous and mean. Well, this is a nice fantasy, but it is a fantasy nonetheless, so assuming you don’t have a picture in your house which is inexplicably aging while you remain youthful and beautiful, you may want to hear some of this.

The key to maintaining youthful looking skin is ensuring you take in foods containing antioxidants and omega 3.Omega 3 is an essential fatty acid that promotes healthy formation of cells and keeps them supple and flexible. It is found in salmon , tuna, walnuts, kale and spinach. Kale and spinach also contain antioxidants.

The Real Deal About Sunscreen
You may have heard that to figure out the time your skin will stay safe in the sun, you multiply the SPF but the time it takes you to burn. There are other factors involved. Burn time can also be affected by sweat, location and humidity. The best anti-aging practice is to use a maximum amount of protection and reapply it often. Wear UVA and UVB sunscreen every day! Apply SPF 30 over your moisturizer at least 30 minutes before you go out. Make sure your lip balm, daily eye cream and makeup contain sunscreen. Also, do not think your car is adequate protection from harmful rays. UV rays penetrate glass. Even when we are casually driving from one location to the next, we must always be mindful of potential sun damage.

What Not to Do
Eat too much sugar. Sugar contains harmful molecules, fittingly called AGE that damage collagen and elastin in your skin causing it to sag. British studies show this can stop happening around 35 and increase thereafter. Having second thoughts about those gummy bears?

Oh, how yummy those Marlboro Lights look when Carrie Bradshaw inhales one on “Sex In the City.” Don’t be fooled by the glamor! Accumulated nicotine also lowers the collagen and elastin in your skin, plus, it robs your body of Vitamin C, needed for plump and healthy skin, plus the repeated puckering of lips causes wrinkles around the mouth,

Drink Too Much Alcohol
You may have noticed hardcore drinkers of alcohol tend to have blotchy skin. Drinking alcohol increases the blood flow near the skin’s surface and dilates the blood vessels. When the blood vessels become permanently damaged, said blotchiness occurs. However, this is not the only skin damage alcohol can do. It also dehydrates the body which also leads to unhealthy looking skin and over-stresses the liver which causes scar tissue to build.

Scared straight, yet? Well, don’t be. There’s always:

Hyaluronic Acid
Don’t let the name scare you. Hyaluronic acid is not at all drying. It is a powerful humectant and one of the key ingredients in moisturizing your skin gives your skin strength and flexibility and helps bind water to the skin and reverses free radical damages. So for all you smoking, drinking, sun worshipping, sugar eating sinners, take heart. Hyaluronic acid is available in many serums and creams and is just as close as your neighborhood drug or beauty store.

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