Top Glow Inducing Makeup – Vine Vera Reviews

Top Glow Inducing Makeup – Vine Vera Reviews

Having a glowing fresh face is a desire of many women. It radiates a youthfulness that is very appealing to have. In order to get that glow you must find the right makeup to use. You don’t want to overdo it to the point where you don’t glow, but you just look greasy. That’s not attractive at all. Most Hollywood makeup artist who prep actresses for the red carpet have mastered this simple technique, and you can too with the right tools. So here a some of the steps you to take to shine like the sparkling diamond you are.

Prep Your Skin
Your makeup is only going to look as good as your skin underneath. So make sure you are properly cleaning, moisturizing, and exfoliating for maximum natural radiance. Before you apply your makeup you also might want to invest in a good primer. This will help your makeup stay on longer, and allow you to layer the products you need to get the perfect glow. A stellar primer to use it Makeup Forever’s “Step 1 Skin Equalizer” ($36). This comes is around ten different formulas, but don’t be confused. Just try the hydrating one so that it give you a moisture boost that will enhance your glow.

Woman applying foundation on her skin.

Try a Luminous Foundation
When buying a foundation to get a better glow, try to look for ones with the words light reflecting, luminous, or radiant finishes. Try to avoid matte foundations which will counteract the result you want. A favorite to try is Charlotte Tilbury “Light Wonder Youth Boosting Perfect Skin” ($45). It contains ingredients that will illuminate the skin, but it’s oil-free so even people who have problem skin can use it to make their skin appear flawless.

The Right Bronzer
A bronzer can in fact help you get that radiant glow you want. Just try to find a powdered bronzer that has a little bit of light reflective particles in it so that the light will bounce off your face to make you look a wash with radiance. If your bronzer is too matte than your face will look flat, and lifeless. One to try is Too Faced “The Little Black Book Of Bronzers” ($49) which has a variety of shimmery bronzers in many different tones to try out. You will find that you love the mix and match quality of different tones to get you the right glowy look.

Woman spraying water on her face.

One Last Tip
Nothing helps out radiance more than a little hydrating mist. So towards the end of the day when your makeup needs to be refreshed grab a bottle, and lightly mist your face. May Lindstrom makes “The Jasmine Garden Botanical Mist” ($65) that is chock full of organic ingredients that are great for your skin’s radiance.

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