Upping Your Oxygen Levels For Smooth Skin

Upping Your Oxygen Levels For Smooth Skin

It’s safe to say that when it comes to elements, oxygen is pretty much the BMOC. It definitely wins the prize for “Elements with the Most Similes and Metaphors.” How often have we heard someone say, “Love is like hydrogen,” or, “Carbon, we need it to survive?” Never! Love is like Oxygen! Oxygen! Oxygen is the CEO, the Big Daddy, hands down! It is the essential element for maintaining all terrestrial forms of life.

Not only that, but oxygen is huge these days. People can now get flavored oxygen pumped into them at bars in oxygen cocktails! How many other elements can say that? Taking all of that into consideration, it may not surprise you to know that oxygen can also do wonders for your skin.

Oxygenating Your Skin
You may have heard this term tossed around and wondered exactly what it means. Quite simply, oxygenating your skin refers to oxygen molecules entering the tissues in the body. You may be thinking that this happens every day, and you would be right, however, there are now ways to enhance the delivery; examples include oxygen facials and acid and serums that hydrate cells and plump the connective tissues between them to smooth skin and prevent aging.

Health Benefits
When we hydrate our skin, we are taking steps to prevent free radical damage. Scientists believe oxygen may also have cancer-fighting properties and maintain that cancer cannot survive in an environment rich in oxygen. Likewise, nutritionists prescribe diets rich in chlorophyll and fermented foods because they are known to create oxygen in the blood, balance PH levels, and assist in keeping the body more alkaline, preventing sickness and disease.

Ways To Oxygenate Your Skin

1. Oxygen Facials
Favored by the likes of Madonna and Gwyneth Paltrow, oxygen facials are quickly gaining popularity. Madonna’s facialist, Michelle Peck says she was initially skeptical but was, “astounded by the results of this facial. It lifts. firms and tightens skin minimizes fine lines and stimulates new collagen and elastin. Madonna receives oxygen facials before every show and has even purchased oxygen machines for her home. Oxygen facials increase circulation and cell turnover, hydrating and plumping the complexion. The facials reverse the aging process which causes the skin loses the ability to use oxygen for metabolic purposes, like collagen and elastin tissue regeneration. Oxygen also serves as a trigger for the body’s healing functions because viruses, bacteria, and fungal infections can not survive in an oxygen enriched environment.

Dermatologist Sandy Skotnicki offers an oxygen therapy treatment. The doctor offers the patient a choice between two serums: Rejuvenation (anti-aging) or Opulence (skin brightening) After cleansing the skin, the serum is dispensed from a hand in ice cold puffs which absorbs as the wand is moved around the face and the oxygen is pushed into deeper layers of skin. Afterward, skin is more even and noticeably plumper for three weeks.

2. Inhaling Oxygen
Oxygen bars began as a trend in the late 1990’s in Japan but eventually faded away because users found them inconvenient to visit. As an alternative, companies are now beginning to offer personal oxygen tanks for use at home or while in transit. They usually come in the form of refillable canisters full of concentrated 90% pure oxygen and can be used for a range of illness, from asthma to get lag. Douglas McCullogh, distributor go the O2hi Personal Oxygen Machine, says, “If you’re increasing your oxygen, you’re increasing your skin’s resilience.”

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