Vine Vera on the Wise Guy’s Guide to Shaving – Vine Vera Reviews

Vine Vera on the Wise Guy’s Guide to Shaving – Vine Vera Reviews

Shaving is a skill all men must master at one point or another. If you’ve been using the same shaving techniques since high school, it’s probably time to step up your game. The following are tips that every man must learn to master the art of the shave.

Preparation is key. Make sure your face is wet with very warm water. Whether in the shower or at the sink, the water needs to be hot enough to open the pores and relax the hairs. Splash the water on your face with your hands or hold a warm towel on your face for about a minute. An old fashioned badger shaving brush will incorporate the water and shaving cream deeply into the whiskers and makes the hairs nice and straight, preparing the face for an easy shave.

The double edged safety razor may have been invented a couple hundred years ago, but if you look at old time photographs, you’ll see that our great-great-great grandfathers really knew their stuff about shaving. Modern razors have multiple blades, but the safety razor only has two. Fewer blades make for a closer shave and fend off dreaded razor burn and ingrown hairs. Take it slow when starting with the safety razor and give yourself a chance to get used to it if you’ve never used one before.

Take time to look in the mirror and really figure out in which direction the majority of your hairs are growing. You’ll often see men in commercials shave against the grain, which is actually the worst technique. Doing so can result in ingrown hairs, razor burn, and itchiness. Your shave will be much closer and your face much smoother if you go in the same direction as the grain. It might feel a little weird at first, but you’ll be an old pro in no time.

If you’re feeling very bold, you can start using a straight razor. These will give you the best shave possible, but can be a little intimidating. Watch some Youtube videos to determine whether or not this is a tool you have interest in mastering. If you then decide to purchase a straight razor, head into your nearest specialty shaving store to ask for further instructions on maintenance and use.

After your shave, splash your face with cool water to close to pores. Apply a cooling, refreshing aftershave or balm to give help your skin recover from the shaving process. Contrary to popular belief, your aftershave shouldn’t burn. Steer clear of harsh products that cause a stinging sensation. Vine Vera’s Resveratrol Men’s After Shave Balm is a great option. Your face should feel clean and moisturized after a good shave.

If your skin still feels a little tight or uncomfortable make sure to follow with a good serum and moisturizer to lock in hydration and keep skin feeling soft. The Vine Vera Resveratrol Men’s Sauna Serum not only feels lovely on the skin but is packed with great anti-aging ingredients for your skin, for added usefulness. Vine Vera also recommends adding the Resveratrol Men’s Sauna Energizing Mask to your skin care routine at least once a week. It is designed to help with reducing the appearance of aging and promoting soft feeling skin to make your shaving routine easier and more pleasant.

There’s no mystery to shaving. Often, guys will learn the basics of shaving as adolescents, but neglect to build upon that knowledge as they age. Just keep it simple. Invest in a few high quality tools and products and you will be a shaving like an expert in no time!

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