Vine Vera Reports: Most Popular Exercises in 2015 – Vine Vera Reviews

Vine Vera Reports: Most Popular Exercises in 2015 – Vine Vera Reviews

This year, it’s all about kicking things way up and into high gear when it comes to working out. Gone are the days, it seems, of leisurely workouts where one would sit and pedal an exercise bike (which, by the way, does hardly anything for you) and instead, high impact, high velocity, in-your-face, hardcore workouts are here which literally melt away the fat, leaving you dying but at the same time, feeling so alive.

Vine Vera Giveaway has come up with a list of some of this years hottest and most popular workouts that are sure to make you feel the burn this 2015.

P-90 X

Although this method has long been a favorite among many of those who love a difficult workout and a hard-to-handle challenge, 9-90 X has remained one of the top exercises – even into 2015. This year promises to have plenty of hardcore, tear jerking, muscle burning workouts – and P-90 X fits into that category, of course. It’s one of those workouts where you use the sheer force of your body weight to do the workouts, and challenge yourself to the max. For those of you who can’t accomplish a single push up, now is the time to condition yourself before beginning the P-90X challenge.

High Impact Aerobics

High impact aerobics are a surefire way to melt away the fat and calories eaten from the day of the workout, and maybe even the day before, and help sculpt your body into a lean, mean exercising machine! These workouts really get your heart pumping, burning fat, increasing the capability of the metabolism, and helping your overall body look and feel better even after just one workout. Although you will surely feel the burn, and your lungs will be screaming for air if you aren’t accustomed to this type of workout, you will love every minute of the pain you endure. These types of workouts tend to become addicting – which wouldn’t be a bad thing, as long as you don’t overdo it.

High Velocity Reps and Body Conditioning

For those who like a real challenge that really gets you moving and utilizing all you have within the very existence of you, high velocity workouts using your own body weight are a perfect option. Picture it: you set the timer to 30 seconds, and you are challenged to complete two reps of 20 crunches each within that 30 seconds. You then jump up as the timer begins again, counting down from another 30 seconds, and you are then performing 20 squats in 2 reps. From there, you are on the floor again, crunching away, this time for a longer duration, and with more reps. Again you’re up, doing wall sits and springing jumps. Sound fun? It is. And it’s a surefire way to beat that added weight gain throughout the holidays. You will be back to shape in no time with this method.

No matter which one of these methods you choose to use this year, we at Vine Vera Giveaway are certain you will love them all. Give them all a try and find one that works for you!

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