Vine Vera Reports: Red vs. White Wine – Does One Make You Sleepier? – Vine Vera Reviews

Vine Vera Reports: Red vs. White Wine – Does One Make You Sleepier? – Vine Vera Reviews

It’s often been discovered after a nice dinner out with your husband or friends and a few glasses of wine, certain types tend to make you more sleepy. Vine Vera has some answers as to why, and can also provide you with some tips on which wines may cause you to be sleepier than others , as well as the reasons why.

White Wine vs. Red Wine – Which is More Sleep Inducing?

Studies have shown that white wine tends to have less of an effect on a person, both in terms of actually becoming tipsy as well as sleepy. The reason for this is because white wine has the skins of the grapes removed before wine production, which is where the sleepy aspect originates from – and red wine does not. Contained within the skins of grapes is a component known as Melatonin, which is actually something the body produces normally to signal being tired to the brain. Melatonin also comes as a supplement in which those suffering from insomnia may purchase from their local drug store – or, they could just opt for a delicious glass of red wine.

Glasses of red and white wineMore on Red Wine

Certain types of wine tend to carry a higher concentration of melatonin, those being Chianti, Cabernet Sauvignon, and Merlot.

Melatonin is actually a form of hormone when speaking in terms of how the body creates and handles it. The melatonin found in red wine can help to aid in anti-aging when consumed as well as when infused in skin care products. This particular component known to play a role in red wine is known as Resveratrol. Many companies have picked up on the hype – Vine Vera, of course, being one of them. It has been documented time and time again in various studies as a game changer in the anti-aging skin care world.

Red wine, aside from being wonderful for the skin and pleasant for helping you sleep is also known to be good for the blood and circulation and even the heart. It has even been shown to keep gum disease at bay.

There are many amazing health benefits of red wine, and we at Vine Vera must admit, we love the stuff. We encourage every woman to indulge in at least one to two glasses of red wine per week. Here’s to your health!

More on White Wine

Far less favorite than red wine, but still widely popular, white wine is generally served with dinners and Hors D’Oeurves, rather than as a dessert wine or popular table wine. Although the skins have been removed prior to the wine’s creation, which contain many nutrients and health benefits, white wine has still been shown to protect and prevent against many diseases, such as lung and breast cancer.

Aside from these, white wine is shown in studies to decrease the severity and longevity of a common hangover. Although not the first option many people would think to choose in terms of ridding themselves from a hangover, white wine is a healthy, effective option to consider the next time you have a night out that’s gotten a bit too crazy and you need something to take the edge off.

Wine is a fantastic addition to your dinner menu. If you’re clueless about the different types of wine and how to pair them in your favorite dishes, some research on the internet will score you some major intuition as to how to pair your favorite meals with the perfect wine.

From all of us here at Vine Vera to all of our loyal readers and customers, we raise our glass to you! Salut!

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