Vine Vera Reports Skin and Beauty Tips as Told by Women Over 40 – VineVera Reviews

Vine Vera Reports Skin and Beauty Tips as Told by Women Over 40 – VineVera Reviews

A woman in her forties often tries to see herself the way she once was and the way she thinks she will never be again. A woman in her forties thinks to herself; it is too late to be a successful entrepreneur, a bride, pregnant, beautiful, and even if I do, it won’t be the same because when I was younger, I had time, a lot of time. Well, look around ladies. Women all over the world are challenging this horrid thought and proving time and again that beauty and grace as nothing to do with age. The secret isn’t about looking beautiful and enjoying flawless skin. Forget everything that tabloids would like you to believe. The secret is to accept your body as it ages, understand your flaws and to age gracefully. As we age, there is a striking resemblance to our adolescent years – we are bold, brash, opinionated, shy and self conscious about the way we look. The only difference is the amount of irony that we feel towards ourselves. But, it really doesn’t have to be this way. Vine Vera offers you a few examples of women who have actually seen beauty and aging differently than others and managed to enjoy their age to its fullest.


Kathleen Turner, Actress

Kathleen Turner might have been a sex symbol in the eighties, but she is certainly not young anymore. And she believes that she might not look the way she once used to, but fans should simply accept it and get used to it. In an interview, Kathleen Turner told the world how she managed to deal with aging. Kathleen says that as a woman it is important to understand that your worth is not dependent on your looks. Some of you might know this, but Kathleen once battled rheumatoid arthritis, a battle that turned her into an alcoholic. She finally managed to break off this cycle with the help of family and friends and is now back to full health. Kathleen has had her fair share of miseries as she was growing up, but the secret was that she accepted her aging and worked to turn her life around. Kathleen believes that in the end, all that matters as you grow older is to have the will to fight and the strength to love yourself for who you really are.

Laura Furman, novelist and short story writer

Laura Furman tells us in one of her stories that when she was in her early 60’s, swimming was a default. It became her own place of pleasure and the place that she loved the most. Laura felt that if each swim was different than the other, the body which she used to swim could be different as well. The body that was smooth and flawless one day could be long gone the next. Laura writes that all she hopes is to be able to keep swimming in her body, irrespective of how it is on the given day. She says that the water will support her, as long as she has the will to get into it. Beautiful words to live by. All a woman needs to do in order to look beautiful is to feel beautiful. The secret to beauty is all about taking care of your skin in the best way you can and aging gracefully.

Diana Rigg, Actress

You might remember Diana Rigg as the Emma Peel in The Avengers of the sixties, but today’s generation knows her as Olena Tyrell of the Game of Thrones. She looked stunning back then, and she certainly doesn’t look bad today. Diana was one of those actresses who was always famous for her exotic looks and her flawless skin. Over the years, she has certainly aged, but she has also managed to discover the secret to aging gracefully. The 75 year old actress recently gave an interview in which she mentioned that the older one gets, the funnier life becomes. She believes that this ideology is the only way to go through old age. Diana says that if one becomes serious about themselves as they become old, they end up becoming pathetic.

Ursula K. Le Guin, Novelist

In her book, the “Wave is in the Mind”, Ursula speaks out about aging and how to deal with it. Ursula writes that there are a number of ways by which one can be perfect, but none of those ways can be attained by punishing one’s self. Ursula also writes that for people who are becoming older, beauty has nothing to do with the way they look. It doesn’t come for free along with the hormones the way it used to back in the years. She believes that for any old person, beauty has a lot to do with bones. It depends on who the person is as an individual and on what shines through those aging faces. Ultimately, beauty is all about accepting yourself as an individual, as a real person and being grateful for what you have.


Vine Vera Skincare stands by these beauties who stood the test of time and understood the true meaning of timeless beauty. Beauty has nothing to do with sex, age, looks and skin. Beauty is something that comes from within. Yes, you can do your bit to make your skin look better and younger with the help of the right anti-aging products, but ultimately it all depends on whether you are willing to accept the fact that your skin will age and that there’s nothing that you can do to reverse the actual aging. The only thing that you can do is to ensure that it ages gracefully.

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