Why Do You Need a Day Cream?

Why Do You Need a Day Cream?

Vine Vera has talked at length before about what makes night creams unique, and why you need a good one, but what about the daytime hours? The cream you use then is just as important—albeit for different reasons and in different ways—and yet it’s often taken for granted and not really thought about all that much. Today, Vine Vera aims to change that, with an in-depth discussion of what day creams are, what they do, and why you need one. So strap in and prepare to learn, because we’re in a lecturing mood today. Don’t worry, we’ll do our best to keep it entertaining and informative.

The Difference
Both night creams and day creams have different and important roles to play in skin care and protection. Think about what goes on in the day vs. the night. The daytime is when you’re out and about, and exposed to the elements. In the day, you’re moving and exerting your skin and accumulating stresses. At night, this is corrected and fixed, and the skin heals as you rest (note: this is one of several reasons why you need to get your 7-9 hours!). In other words, you accumulate damage during the day, and repair damage during the night.

So, then, it follows logically that where the focus of a night cream is to keep the skin nourished and provide the raw materials for it to repair itself, the goal of the noble day cream is to prevent damage from happening as much as possible. This, then, is how day and night creams work together, and why you need both.

So since we’re talking about day creams right now, the name of the game is protection. Protection from sun, protection from dryness, and just protection in general. Nighttime is a time of repair and renewal, but it’s not going to fix everything. Protect during the day to keep things in good shape.

Protection from Sun
You can get a separate sunscreen and moisturizer, but it’s often advantageous to get them in the same product. SPF 30 or higher is necessary, not optional, and it better be broad-spectrum to boot. A mineral based physical sunblock with zinc oxide and/or titanium dioxide is generally preferable, but any SPF 30+ broad-spectrum ingredients will do. Just don’t forget to reapply, and to use SPF on your lips too.

Protection from Dryness
During the day, you’re moving about the world and are exposed to wind and other stressors that can dry out the face. Get a day cream with ingredients like hyaluronic acid that attract and sustain moisture by pulling it from the air around you so you never run out of moisture. Neat trick, isn’t it?

Protection from the World
You face more than just sunlight and dryness during the day. Sadly, you also have to contend with pollution as well, depending on where you live. Day creams tend to be formulated to form a barrier over your skin that keeps harmful particles from getting lodged between your cells, keeping your complexion clear. They can also contain valuable ingredients like vitamin C, which help reverse and prevent sun spots and age spots. Some day creams even contain firming agents designed to keep your skin looking supple and strong all day long.

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