Why to Skip Makeup this Summer – Vine Vera Reviews

Why to Skip Makeup this Summer – Vine Vera Reviews

Summer can be a lot of fun, and brings with it opportunities for everything from lounging at the beach to catching fireflies like a kid (or doing it with kids of your own if you have them!), but it also brings with it one undeniable fact of life: heat. Rising temperatures leads to a lot of things, like a desire to wear cooler, less covering clothing to compensate, an increase in the appeal of swimming, and, of course, melting makeup.

Makeup can be difficult to manage in the summer, but the good news is that it could be a great excuse to try going makeup-free some days, or maybe every day if you find you like it. Vine Vera has compiled a list of reasons why skipping makeup can be a good thing to try, so read on and think about it for yourself.

Avoid Unattractive Melting
The biggest reason, of course, to specifically avoid makeup in the summer, is to avoid “melting.” Rivers of foundation and eyeshadow running down your face isn’t exactly an attractive look, but it’s all too easy for it to happen when the increased heat makes you sweat all over and washes things away. You can get water or heat-resistant makeup to help combat this, but there’s an even easier solution: just skip it!

Keep Sweating to a Minimum
Piggybacking off of the previous point, you may actually sweat even less without the makeup anyway. With heavy makeup covering your face, it will be bit insulated, and can trap body heat from your face, causing your body to respond to the increased heat by sweating, which, of course, washes it away, bringing us back around to our first point. Think about it; you could avoid all of this hassle and discomfort by just going without!

Worry Less About Sunscreen and Skin Care
It’s really, really important to use sunscreen regularly, not just in the summer, but all year round. That said, dealing with sunscreen and makeup at the same time is a huge hassle. For one thing, if you use a chemical sunscreen, it needs to go on first, right onto your clean skin, and all your other skincare products will have a harder time absorbing because of that. Further, even if you use a physical sunblock (which can go on after your skin care products like serums, moisturizers, and oils), it’s still recommended that you reapply regularly, which can be problematic when you’re worried reapplying might ruin your carefully applied makeup. If you skip makeup altogether, reapplication is effortless!

It Will Wash Off Anyway
If you plan to use a pool over the summer—and you really should, considering the heat—your makeup is going to get washed off in the water. Water-resistant makeups do exist so that you can look made-up even in the water, but once more, you can just avoid those issues

You Look Fine Without It
No, really, you do, and you should believe it. More than any makeup, self-confidence will make you your most radiant, so go out there believing you look great, and it will show.

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