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A number of ingredients have been extracted from fruits, vegetables and plants and then used as supplements in skin care products. But, none have managed to become as popular as resveratrol, a natural compound found in the skin of red grapes.

Resveratrol is considered to be one of the most powerful ingredients that helps to fight oxidation. All living organisms go through a chemical process known as oxidation and your skin cells are no different. Resveratrol acts as an antioxidant which prevents your cells from going through the process, thereby increasing their life and reducing the effects of aging. The antioxidant benefits of resveratrol were shown in a study published in the Chemistry – A European Journal Vol. 8 titled “Antioxidant Effects of Resveratrol and its Analogues against the Free-Radical-Induced Peroxidation of Linoleic Acid in Micelles”. According to the authors of this study, a kinetic analysis showed that resveratrol was an effective antioxidant on its own or in combination with α-tocopherol. It was also discovered that the resveratrol’s antioxidant activity was dependent on the reaction medium, the oxidation potential of the molecule and the position of the hydroxyl group.

Experts also believe that resveratrol is among the best natural sun protectors that one can offer to the skin. According to a study titled “Prevention of short-term ultraviolet B radiation-mediated damages by resveratrol in SKH-1 hairless mice” that appeared in Volume 186 of the Toxicology and Applied Pharmacy Journal, it was found that resveratrol significantly inhibited UVB-mediated induction of the ODC enzyme and the cyclooxygenase enzyme, both of which are known for their contributions in the production of tumors. The study also observed that resveratrol might offer substantial protection from the damage caused by exposure to UVB rays and that these effects might be mediated by its antioxidant properties.

Yet another study conducted by the Department of Dermatology at the Xiangya Hospital in China also showed that resveratrol offered protection against the UVA rays of the sun as well. Titled “Protective effect of resveratrol against oxidative damage of UVA irradiated HaCaT cells,” the study appeared in the Journal of Central South University in 2006. According to the authors of this study, resveratrol could enhance the proliferation activity of HaCaT cells when subjected to UVA radiation as well as decrease the MDA content in the body. It was further revealed that resveratrol could relieve the injury caused to the ultra-structure of these HaCaT cells. This directly implies that resveratrol can relieve the oxidation caused by UVA radiation as well.

Resveratrol is the signature ingredient used in each Vine Vera product, and results are obvious. Check out Vine Vera Reviews to discover how resveratrol and Vine Vera Cosmetics can help you take your skin care regimen to the next level!

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