Your Temples May Show Your Age

Your Temples May Show Your Age

Do you have an oval-shaped face?  If the length of your face is about 1 and a half times its width,  congratulations!  You have the most versatile face shape for any hair style; you can pull off a bob, you can do long and layered, pulled back or short.  You are also in very good company.  Oval-faced celebs include Julia Roberts, Kate Hudson and Sarah Jessica Parker. Unfortunately, the oval-faced also have another thing in common; hollowing of the temples.  Yes, as the oval-faced age, they have a tendency to develop what is known as “peanut head” syndrome. (talk about adding insult to injury) and it can make a big difference your appearance.

How Does It Happen?
From the age of 25, we lose subcutaneous fat at a rate of about a teaspoon of volume per year.  This is when we lose our childish chubby cheeks and begin to morph into adulthood.  However, by the time, you reach your forties, your face continues to lose subcutaneous fat, only the loss does not occur equally in all areas of your face.  Generally, we lose the fat pads in the mid face first, including the jawline and temples. These changes can be made worse by effects of menopause osteoporosis, lack of vitamin D and protein and hormone deficiency.

What can you do? Thankfully, you do have options for renormalizing your head.

Often referred to as  fillers, these are injectable products that work as bio-stimulators acting on your body’s natural collagen.  You may be thinking of a few people that, in your opinion, overstimulated. Typical treatment usually runs three or four sessions, each about 4-6 weeks apart, at about $600 a pop.  Treatment lasts about two years.   If you are looking for something a bit cheaper with slightly less dramatic results, Radiesse is a trusted alternative.

If you have no compunctions about surgery, fat transfer may be the way to go. Results are long-lasting, but not necessarily permanent. If you are considering liposuction, you may want to consider this procedure as well, but keep in mind, for the treatment to be successful the fat needs to be harvested in a way that will preserve the cells.  Ordinary liposuction will not work, so be sure to discuss it with your doctor beforehand.

So, when life hands you lemons make lemonade, right?  The good thing about hollowing temples is that no one really looks at your temples.  That way, when you get it treated, no one will be able to pinpoint what it is about you that looks so much better! It can just be between you and your plastic surgeon.  And if you don’t get it done, remember you have the face shape that will look good in bangs.

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